About The Word Count Times:

This online “periodical” has been created for my class, Literature by the Numbers. Though it is an assignment, it addresses a topic that is currently being widely discussed: Digital Humanities. The Word Count Times serves as an extension and addition to the discussion.

During my freshmen year of college, I was a news reporter for the campus newspaper: The Daily Utah Chronicle. My inspiration for the this site being a “periodical” has been stimulated by that experience, however, I think a digital newspaper format is appropriate for the topic at hand. Much of our daily news now comes from digital applications.

About me, Christine:

I am currently a senior in English and French at The University of Utah. Though reading and writing (both, creative and non) are my most loved actives, research is my favorite. Through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) here at the U, I have been able to apply research to my field- an experience I would do over and over again for the fun of it.

This is not the first website or “blog” I have created as assignment. For a study abroad I did in London during the summer of 2015, I created a digital “Cabinet of Wonder.”┬áLast semester, I created a blog for my Theories of Popular Culture class, “Sprawling”, which discussed topics inspired by the class.